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Market News

– Iranian parliament’s research centre proposed a plan to tax banking deposits interest income for the coming year. According to the proposed plan, a 25% income tax shall be imposed on the Iranian Banks interest payments to depositor which is expected to make a revenue line of minimum IRR 100,000 bn (USD 833.33 mn – USD/IRR 120,000) for the administration. This is while some experts have doubts that the flow of nations bank deposits into the parallel investment markets could have catastrophic results raising the money supply and hence price levels and inflation as well.

– Following the recent successful IPOs of Iran Fara Bourse, now two new companies are on the list of initial public offerings and will get listed during the coming two weeks. Being the 27th IPO of this year, Ofogh Kourosh Chain Stores is to offer 5% of its share to the public on IFB via book building method at a price range of IRR 16,000 to IRR 16,950 per share. The company is one of the largest FMCG retailers of the nation and act as a subsidiary to Golrang Industrial Group. Moreover, FKA Animal Husbandry & Agriculture Co. is to offer 20% of its shares on the market as well with a base price ranging from IRR 8,200 to 8,300 on Feb 16, 2019.

– Pursuing the goal of developing Iran Debt Market by diversifying the debt instruments available, Mahan Airlines is to issue IRR 1,000 bn (USD 8.33 mn – USD/IRR 120,000) worth of Sukuk Al-Intifa’a with an underwriting period of 3 days starting on Saturday, Feb 16, 2019. The securities are backed by a part of the issuer revenues from its full charter activities among other related businesses.

In the Market

Equities started the day on a moderately higher note yet declined throughout the day on today’s half closed session in an effort to de-risk their portfolios amid political and economic uncertainties. TEDPIX (-0.04%) fell for a soft 67.85 points from green area to close at 158,467.68 struggling with its strong technical resistance level. This is while IFEX (-0.06%) performed nearly the same in a spent session with low trading volume and value.

Being between holidays, investors chose to sit on their hands and watch the equity market until a trend shows up after all. This is the case for most parallel investment markets as unsystematic political risks are rising in advance. The practicality of EU’s SPV (INSTEX) in heavily under question by Iranian merchants while almost all economic forecasts heralds of another jump in the FX rates after the Persian NewYear.

As real estate is now closing a 1-year bullish market and reaching its recession days, investors stopped any new efforts and are now looking for other opportunities. The gold coin market has some breath left which ends in limited positive fluctuations these days. This is while the FX market is somehow dead and only some inconsistent rates will be announced once in a while. Analysts believe that for now investing in safe assets like gold would make much more sense considering everything.


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