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7 chart patterns for gaining continuous profit in stock market one of the main instruments for expanding and deepening of capital market is developing the level of Analysis in the market. Without carrying out extended & comprehensive research in the capital market, one cannot expect growth in it position in the national economy. A brief review of the development of the Tehran stock exchange, as the main pillar for the capital market in Iranian economy, shows the absence of the analysis in this market.However, within the last few years, there are signs of hope that steps are being taken in order to use indices and international standard methods for analysis of our country’s capital market. Never the less, still there is a long distance to the ideal position to the proper analysis of capital market and there is ample room for working in this area.

The instruments and indices used in this analysis in our country is limited to mainly “fundamental Analysis” and use of other instruments and charts specially, the technical analysis and graphs, are still their starting point. The experience of countries where they have a dynamic and advanced capital market, show a use of “Fundamental Analysis” together with “Technical Analysis method” play an important role in expansion and deepening of the capital market and also promotion of investing in stock exchange culture.

For this reason we decided to present, this rich and, useful book with little volume to our country’s economic society. In this book, you will become familiar with the main technical analysis and graphs and will learn their application in evaluating the volatility of stock exchange and also how to make a suitable gain out of this market.

The author of this book, is one of the most famous and reputable analysis of capital markets, who has gifted his 20 years’ experience to all investors and those interested in capital markets in the farm of this small book.

It is hoped that the translation and publication of this book prepares the suitable grounds for future research and study of the technical analysis and graphs for capital market.