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“7 Chart Patterns for Gaining Continuous Profit in Stock Market”  is the main instrument to gain a deep understanding of the Iranian capital market. In particular the book is devoted to the benefits of “technical analysis” when it comes to investing in the stock market.  

A brief review of the development of the Tehran Stock Exchange, as the main pillar for the capital market in Iranian economy, shows the absence of proper analysis in this market. However, within the last few years, there have been signs of hope that steps are being taken in order to use indices and international standard methods to analyze  Iran’s capital market. Nevertheless, there is ample room for improvement in this area.

The instruments and indices used for analysis in Iran are mainly limited to  “fundamental analysis” and use of other instruments and charts specially, the “technical analysis”, is still at its starting point. The past experience of developed countries shows that using a combination of “fundamental analysis” together with a “technical analysis” in stock analysis can lead to a rapid expansion and growth of the capital markets due to a return on investment which ultimately leads to an increase in market capitalization. For this reason the book presents the main technical analysis and graphs and their application in evaluating the volatility of the stock market. The translation and publication of this book prepares a suitable ground for future research and presents the impact of the technical analysis on the Iranian stock market.