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11Dec 2018

Market News – In an attempt to keep up the nations oil sales after US sanctions and put out other rivals like KSA, Reuters claimed that Iran sells oil on massive discounts in an unprecedented event in over a decade. According to this news agency, Iran is willing to sell its light crude production, for […]

10Dec 2018

Market News – Following the seriousness of Iran Central Bank to organized the chaotic situation of banks, the head of CBI announced that like the mechanism utilized on the FX market lowering exchange rates in Iran Economy to more reasonable and stable levels, bank deposits interest rates would be maintained in a step by step plan. As for the first stride, banks are […]

09Dec 2018

Market News – After months of struggling to find a suitable host for Iran dedicated SPV, it seems that EU members reached an agreement and the vehicle will soon be established. France would be the domicile of this structure and a German official will manage the processes. 9 EU member will be connected to this SPV including Italia, Spain, Belguim, […]

08Dec 2018

Market News – On their latest meeting, OPEC members agreed on a production cut addressing the oil prices massive falls during the last month. The good news is that considering the US sanctions, Iran got expected from OPEC production cut along with Libia and Venezuela. OPEC members and Russia agreed to cut their production by 1.2 mn barrels […]

04Dec 2018

Market News – Following the plan to develop the depth of Iran Capital Market (Tehran Stock Exchange and Iran Fara Bourse), the IFB’s head of new financial instrument operations department told the press that two new derivates will be ready to trade in a matter of two weeks. “Index Future contracts” and “Portfolio future contracts” will be operational from […]

03Dec 2018

Market News – After the first 8 months of 1397 (2018/19), the total non-oil exports surpassed USD 31.491 bn which made Iran Trade Balance positive for USD 2 bn. The figure is raised 12.96% in value contrary to the same period last year. Major exports of Iran were gas condensates (8.81%), liquid propane (4.25%) and other light oil products except […]

02Dec 2018

Market News – “The securities and exchange organisation of Iran (Iran SEO) is now an Ordinary member of IOSCO”, said Shapoor Mohammadi in its latest press conference. After 10 years of continuous efforts and discussions with the Secretary-General and senior officials of IOSCO, the status of Iran SEO changed from Associate to Ordinary member which will lead to better and more professional interactions with […]

01Dec 2018

Market News – In a study carried out by Donya-e-Eqtesad, Iran Government financial status has been analyzed with a bit of historical comparison and an eye on the sanctions snapback. It seems that President Rohani’s administration is under a lot of pressure and must make difficult choices surviving the next two years. Moreover, the administration shall become […]

27Nov 2018

Market News – Senior European diplomats have claimed that France and Germany stepped up for hosting Iran dedicated SPV after the rejections by Luxembourg and Austria. In the suggested structure, if  France host that SPV then a German official would be as its manager and vice versa. The mechanism would be based on the bartering of […]

26Nov 2018

Market News – The share of oil exports in Iran FX revenues has been reduced over the past few years which shows that the economy is now less dependent on oil sales. During the first 10 months of 2018, the share of oil exports reached below 48% of total FX revenues. This figure surpassed 80% decade. The […]