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13Jul 2020

Atotal of 11.24 million tons of iron ore pellets were produced in Iran during the first quarter of the current Iranian year (March 20-June 20) to register a year-on-year decline of 2%. Golgohar was the largest producer with 3.09 million tons (down 1% YOY). It was followed by Mobarakeh Steel Company with 1.92 million tons […]

08Jul 2020

Adding another 1.68%, the benchmark of Tehran Stock Exchange, TEDPIX, moved 28,786 points higher to close at 1,747,136.  The equal-weighted index closed at flatline and retreated 0.07% to settle at 483,002, showing that the large-cap shares were winners as seen in most recent sessions. The index gives the same weight to shares of all listed […]

30Jun 2020

Iran exported 1.67 million tons of agricultural and food products worth over $890 million during the first two months of the current fiscal year (March 20-May 20), the Agriculture Ministry reported. The figures indicate a 19.44% rise in tonnage but an 8.79% decline in value compared with last year’s corresponding period, the data show. Watermelon […]

27Jun 2020

Tax incentives are bein considered for new companies that want to list on the stock market in the current fiscal year (March 2020-21).  The proposal was floated by the Ministry of Economy at the High Council of Economic Coordination- an ad hoc economic decision-making body comprising heads of three branches of power- and approved therein, […]

23Jun 2020

Tehran Stocks rallied on Monday as the unprecedented surge in currency rates continued to boost investor sentiments over future rise in share prices.  The benchmark of Tehran Stock Exchange, TEDPIX, gained 40,000 points, climbing 3.12% to extend a winning streak into the sixth day. TEDPIX closed trading session at 1,341,531 points.  As seen in previous […]

22Jun 2020

Trade between Iran and EU member states during January-April stood at €1.47 billion to register a 2.5% decline compared with last year’s corresponding period, latest data provided by the European Statistical Office show. Germany, Italy and the Netherlands were Iran’s top three trading partners in the European bloc with bilateral exchanges standing at €628.3 million […]

21Jun 2020

With 3.18 million tons of output, Mobarakeh Steel Company had the largest share of steel production in Iran during the first two months of the current fiscal year (March 20-May 20). The company produced 1.46 million tons of finished steel during the period, to register a 2% decline compared with last year’s corresponding period. In […]

15Jun 2020

Iran’s agricultural output is expected to reach 128 million tons by the end of the current fiscal year (March 2021), says Shahrokh Shajari, director general of the Agriculture Ministry’s Export Expansion Bureau. “Agricultural yields are expected to improve by 3 million tons, thanks to the good rainfall in the current year,” says Esmaeil Esfandiyarpour, another […]

13Jun 2020

The Government-Private Sector Dialogue Council on Tuesday approved seven proposals out of nine to ease rules and procedures for repatriation of exporters’ overseas earnings and help promote the key sector.  The council, comprising business leaders, senior government officials and lawmakers, meets irregularly to address export issues. In the Tuesday meeting, which was attended by Economy […]

09Jun 2020

The CBI said Tuesday 49 trillion rials ($288 million) worth of government bonds were sold to banks on Tuesday in the second round of bond auctions organized by the Central Bank of Iran.  As per an earlier announcement, the government put on offer Murabeha bonds worth 100 trillion rials ($588 million) and asked banks to […]