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– Following the concerns around the volume of money supply in Iran Economy, a new report by CBI shows that this figure surpassed IRR 16,930,000 bn (cUSD 178 bn – USD/IRR @ 95,000) on Sep-Oct 2018 with a growth of 20.70% contrary to the previous year. The share of the “money” (i.e. cash) part is IRR 2,420,100 bn while the “near money” consisted IRR 14,518,300 bn of the total amount (47.7% and 17.2% rise respectively). This adds up to the administration challenge meeting the 2019/20 budget plan bill as concerns over a widespread economic recession grow up.

– Iran CBI is to buy the blocked resources of Iranian exporters, caused by US sanctions, at mutually consented rates according to the CBI deputy foreign exchange affairs. Moreover, exports are able to settle their remaining balances with other importers seek FX for raw materials of other goods. Also, stats of NIMA platform show that a figure of EUR 51 mn by exporters have been supplied into the market of which EUR 42 mn were bought by other importers at an average rate of EUR/IRR 95,080.

– Despite the fact that South Korea officials refused to state the exact number of their oil purchases from Iran after the US exemptions, reliable sources have that this country is to buy between 4 to 6 mn barrels of oil products, mostly condensates, from Iran from now on a monthly basis. A Bloomberg analysis shows that after the lack of supply caused by Iran sanctions, the production volume of both Saudi Arabia and UAE hit all-time record highs.

In the Market

Equities extended losses to trade considerably lower on today’s session as investors are super suspicious about the future of the capital market and in general the nation’s economy. This trend led to a situation that made stocks to get traded at very low valuations despite better than expected performances. TEDPIX (-1.21%) lost another important support level of 160K while IFEX (-0.93%) settled somewhere below 1,810 level.

In general, it seems that there is no place to hide in the market and expect a few small-cap sectors others are doomed to go even lower. Giants of the market like heavy-weighted Metals (-2.92%) and Iron Ores (-1.95%) were with massive sale force today as concerns over a weak global market of commodities are growing.

On the flip side, the small-cap fundamentally broke Auto (+3.40%) sector showed signs of reviving in wake of price jumps and almost all its components ended the day in good demand. However, most of them could not hold to their buy queues as the general sentiment was with added sale pressures.

Finally, the investors of mid-weighted Banking (-1.27%) sector got impatient with all the on and off rumours and ended the day with massive losses which got worse towards the ending bell. Mellat Bank (BMLT, -3.19%), despite a handsome support from its market maker, plummeted to below IRR 2,000 region after a good performance of +100% during the last couple of months.


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