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– 60 days after Iran’s deadline on breaching some of its commitments under JCPoA, the country is now officially enriching uranium beyond 3.67% as a warning that if its benefits under the nuke deal are not met, there will be no interest for Iran to stay committed to the agreement. Just days after Iran’s declaration of its new enrichment level, a French ambassador assigned by president Macron to intermediate between Iran-US with hopes to reduce tensions and open a channel for effective negotiations. Iranian parallel investment markets showed indifference towards the news and exchange rates and the gold price remained almost unchanged despite the history of chaos after such events. It seems that the Iranian financial regulator is now in control of unproductive investments markets and is leading the nation’s capital towards structured investments.

– The board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is to hold an emergency meeting with regards to Iran’s latest activities on reducing the level of its commitment under the JCPoA. The purpose of today’s meeting is verifying Iran’s nuclear program and assessment of recent activities.

– Tabzir municipality is to finance its urban activities by the issuance of Musharaka Sukuks. Today, 6.5 mn securities of Islamic Musharaka Sukuk has been offered on Tehran Stock Exchange. These notes have a maturity of 4 years with quarterly coupon payments and a nominal yield of 18%. Sepehr Investment bank is the bookrunner while Tabriz Municipality along with the government will act as the guarantors of principal and interest payments.


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