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– A comparison between Iran’s parallel investment markets shows that Iran capital market performed handsomely during the first half of 1398 (2019/20). With FX and gold markets freezing status, Iranian equities stamped a performance of 82.5%. Tickers of the agriculture industry have rewarded their shareholders the most by an astonishing 397% performance. A general picture of highly performed TSE industries is shown below:

Iran Capital Market

– Iran SEO allows mutual investment funds to invest in Iran Fara Bourse base market tickers. This happened after the previous odd directive, from the regulator, made the fluctuations limited so tight on them. From now on only pure equity and balanced funds can take a position, up to 10% of their AUM, in IFB’s base market tickets. Previously the base market was somehow acting as an OTC market with a fluctuation range of 10% which caused lots of its components to be traded in an absolute bubble.

– After the recent correction phase on TSE’s overall index, a lot of newbie investors faced their worst fear of losing all their savings. TEDPIX collapsed for almost 12K point in what only can be called as the black Thursday. However, professionals are confident about the future trend of the capital market and named this only a “massive correction”. Experts believed that the herd behaviour of mom and dad investors caused most of the recent fall as they have no professional set of investment skills whatsoever. They blame new investors direct participation, as opposed to investing via mutual funds and managed account, for the recent failures of the stock market. Other views suggest that after a typhoon of non-stop growth, equities needed a pause for a while to capture what it needs for another advance.


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