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– After months of struggling to find a suitable host for Iran dedicated SPV, it seems that EU members reached an agreement and the vehicle will soon be established. France would be the domicile of this structure and a German official will manage the processes. 9 EU member will be connected to this SPV including Italia, Spain, Belguim, Luxembourg and Netherlands. The said vehicle will only be active in essential goods and pharmaceuticals at first in order to minimize the risk of US meddling, however, over the time its scope of activities will be widened to other financial transactions.

– In line with organizing the daily cash transfers, the central bank of Iran imposed a daily limit of IRR 1,000 bn (USD 8,300 – USD/IRR 120,000) for banking transactions per each national ID from today on. Previously, the CBI imposed another restriction of each debit card for a daily amount of IRR 500 bn. Moreover, the CBI banned the endorsements of banker’s draft and from now on each cheque must be deposited only to the beneficiaries’ account under their name.

– The head of SEO announced that Iran Capital Market is ready to host real estate trades via Iran Mercantile Exchange. Up until today, the Tehran Stock Exchange hosted 3 different instruments with regards to housing deals (Mortgage Backed Securities, Land and Construction funds and Housing companies share trades) and now the exchange can handle spot trades of real estate given the fact that the offerings get standard with regards to the exchange rules. 

In the Market

Equities lost slightly today to continue a losing week on a sour note. The major averages fumbled an early morning rally effort and steadily retreated throughout the day to finish near session lows. TEDPIX (-0.11%) ended the day with a mild 191.98 red points while IFEX (-1.06%) hit a bit harder in a suspended session and settled at 1,838.60.

Today’s session was a complete failure for the fundamentally weak Auto (+1.72%) sector as almost all the buy queues disappeared though out the closing bell. Despite the news on a price jump for automakers, the tickers only got played by day traders with no long-term agenda as the sector’s future is in deep grey.

Meanwhile, investor took a serious look at the tickers of Banking (+2.64%) sectors as the rumours of massive capital raisings are getting more real. Most of the listed banks performed far better than expected in contrast with their conduct same period last year, however, the market is thirsty to hear about the CBI green light for a free market FX translation rate still. Agah analysis of the retail side movements in the sector shows that since the super bullish rally of Iranian exchanges starts, the banking sector was amid industries which attracted one of the highest retail cash volumes and lost just a small share of that.


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