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19Jun 2018

Market News – Continuing it FX unification policies, the Iranian government is just one step shy of ratifying the latest directive on Iran economy FX regime. According to early news today (unofficial), the central bank of Iran offered a bylaw to the administration consisting of 3 different priorities for currency usage: Essential goods: Wheat, rice, live stocks, […]

18Jun 2018

Market News – Today a new issue of Islamic T-Bills has been offered on Iran Fara Bourse. Being the first of a whole new round, TB281 has a due date of fewer than 2 months now but the original maturity of securities was 5 months. The total size of the issue reaches IRR 5,000 bn (USD 118.4 mn) […]

17Jun 2018

Market News – In a promising news for Iranian Petrochemical sector companies, the cabinet members have decided to put some easement on their activities in order to urge them to bring their export currencies to NIMA platform at USD/IRR 42,000 rate. Therefore, from now on, the petrochemical companies “feed gas – condensate or regular” will be calculated […]

13Jun 2018

Market News – Unofficial news tells about that the currency policy maker might add another rate to Iranian FX rates regime. From today’s morning, the order submission for third group of products (cellphones, Automobiles, Home appliances, Cosmetics, etc.) has been halted which heralds a change in NIMA platform rates. Speculations suggest that there might be […]

13Jun 2018

Mutual funds investment has been always among the first choices of many “not so much accredited investors” all around the globe. Statistics for social participation in said funds on developed countries is a fact for that. Considering Iran’s situation, especially to foreigners who might get caught in the middle of direct market access and the […]

12Jun 2018

Market News – Over the latest press conference held the other day, the head of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran delivered two important news which could massively weigh on the future of the Iranian export-import market and in general Iranian economy. The first was about granting the license to trade export customs declaration at a free […]

11Jun 2018

Market News – Fixed income funds are finally having a change of heart. According to new stats released by Donya-e-Eqtesad news agency, the composition of Iranian fixed income funds investment portfolio has gone through important and noticeable changes since Feb 2017 until Mar 2018. It is now a fact that the weight of bank deposits and cash portion […]

10Jun 2018

Market News – Today, four(4) new issues of Islamic T-Bills worth IRR 43,000 bn (USD 1.02 bn) got listed on Iran Fara Bourse ready for their initial public offering any time now. These new debt securities have maturities between 5 to 24 months and the below table demonstrate their issue details: Source: Agah Group – The central bank of Iran is […]

09Jun 2018

Market News – Aiming at expanding its Euro-based interactions, the head of the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran announced the consideration of launching Euro dealt Kish International Iran Stock Exchange within the next 2 months in the exchange High Council; this market is to host foreign companies, mostly from countries with less cooperation with […]

03Jun 2018

Market News – Today 10% of Saman Kish E-payment co. shares went public on Tehran Stock Exchange through book building method. The price range was from IRR 6,200 to 6,500 per share and each trading code could only place an order for 5000 shares (ultimately each code received only 1,787 shares). Ultimately price at IRR 6,500, the company record a P/E […]