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09Jan 2019

Market News – After the successful issuance of corporate Sukuk Ijarah for Tose-e Etemad Mobin Co., now Iran Fara Bourse offered a new round of equity-backed (2,224,199,289 shares of Iran Telecommunication Co. @ IRR 2,248 per share) securities on the exchange today. This round consists of 3 tranches with the following details and all the issued volume […]

07Jan 2019

Market News – After massive controversies about the limitations that equities’ daily fluctuation range (±5% for TSE, IFB and ±10% for the base market) imposed on market liquidity and dynamism, now the new head Tehran Stock Exchange announced that a dynamic fluctuations limit is on this body’s agenda, however, the current IT infrastructures does not meet the need and […]

02Jan 2019

Market News – The statistics centre of Iran chamber of commerce published, for the first time, Iran PMI report (Purchasing Managers’ Index). Being known as one of the most accurate economic indicators, this index has been calculated for the third quarter of 1397 (2018/19) fiscal year. Below table has the details: Data shows that despite […]

01Jan 2019

Market News – In a meeting between the head of CBI and India ambassador in Tehran, the two nations (Iran-India) have decided to make their financial transactions, in domestic currencies, operational after a series of top-level negotiations. In this line, the Indian ministry of oil announced that refineries, whom purchase Iranian oil in Rupee currency, would be […]

31Dec 2018

Market News – The latest stats from the Customs Department show that Iran export surplus has hit a new record high. During the past 9 months, Iran has exported more than 86 million metric tonnes of non-oil products valued at USD 33.358 bn that show 5.40% growth contrary to the same period last year. Moreover, the […]

23Dec 2018

Market News – In a bold move that actually will impact saving accounts in favour of the capital market, the central bank of Iran obliged Iranian Banks to no longer pay daily interest on short-term deposits. This directive will be into effect soon and the interest payment base would change from daily to monthly. Moreover, Iranian Banks can […]

22Dec 2018

Market News – A member of the Iranian parliament announced details of government securities to be issued in the next fiscal year (2019/20 Iran Budget Bill) in order to finance national projects, settle the contractors’ outstanding liabilities and reimbursement of previously matured debt securities (interest and principal). According to the data, 15% of national development fund […]

19Dec 2018

Market News – After growing anticipations on Iran dedicated SPV, promised by EU members to circumvent US sanctions, now an English newspaper announced that Switzerland is to establish another dedicated finanicla line to ease Iran humanitarian imports (Food, Pharmaceutical and Medical equipment). This is a part what EU promised Iran after US unilateral withdrawal from JCPoA.  – […]

18Dec 2018

Market News – For many years Iran had, and still have, the worst type of Energy Subsidies payments in the world which has only resulted in a weak and unbalanced economy for the nation (Iran Economy). The FOB price of petroleum hovers around 40 cents in the region and considering the domestic price of gas (IRR 10,000 […]

17Dec 2018

Market News – Following the concerns around the volume of money supply in Iran Economy, a new report by CBI shows that this figure surpassed IRR 16,930,000 bn (cUSD 178 bn – USD/IRR @ 95,000) on Sep-Oct 2018 with a growth of 20.70% contrary to the previous year. The share of the “money” (i.e. cash) part is IRR 2,420,100 […]