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15Jun 2020

Iran’s agricultural output is expected to reach 128 million tons by the end of the current fiscal year (March 2021), says Shahrokh Shajari, director general of the Agriculture Ministry’s Export Expansion Bureau. “Agricultural yields are expected to improve by 3 million tons, thanks to the good rainfall in the current year,” says Esmaeil Esfandiyarpour, another […]

13Jun 2020

The Government-Private Sector Dialogue Council on Tuesday approved seven proposals out of nine to ease rules and procedures for repatriation of exporters’ overseas earnings and help promote the key sector.  The council, comprising business leaders, senior government officials and lawmakers, meets irregularly to address export issues. In the Tuesday meeting, which was attended by Economy […]

09Jun 2020

The CBI said Tuesday 49 trillion rials ($288 million) worth of government bonds were sold to banks on Tuesday in the second round of bond auctions organized by the Central Bank of Iran.  As per an earlier announcement, the government put on offer Murabeha bonds worth 100 trillion rials ($588 million) and asked banks to […]

08Jun 2020

Iranian exporters’ difficulties in getting paid by their foreign buyers is a major risk to their business, says the managing director of Export Guarantee Fund of Iran.   Pointing to the dire financial conditions of their overseas partners due to coronavirus pandemic, Afrouz Bahrami said it has raised commercial risks for exporters.  “Businesses of foreign partners […]

06Jun 2020

The benchmark of Tehran Stock Exchange moved to new highs at the start of trading week on Saturday amid renewed investor sentiments toward the market’s future.  TSE’s main gauge, TEDPIX, gained 40,306 points for the day to climb 3.9% and stand at all-time high of 1,068,844 points.  The rally swept through all small and large […]

05Jun 2020

The remarkable performance of Iran’s share market in recent months can attract foreign investors, the deputy foreign minister for economic affairs said.  In a review of the Foreign Ministry’s moves to help attract foreign investment, Gholamreza Ansari said the robust stock market is attractive enough for foreign investors and Iranian expats.  “Growth of the bourse […]

31May 2020

Tehran’s stock market went through two different trading versions on Sunday, with the benchmark of Tehran Stock Exchange rising nearly 14,000 points in early hours of trading before sliding into negative territory as the session drew to a close.  The TSE’s main gauge, TEDPIX, dropped 3,083 points for the day to stand at 970,411 points […]

26May 2020

Tehran Stocks opened in negative territory after a two-day Eid holiday, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan, amid growing concern among investors that the bear market is here to stay.  The benchmark of Tehran Stock Exchange lost more than 33,707 points on Tuesday to stand at 926, 132 points to fall 3.5%, […]

30Oct 2019

Market News – After the last and final deadline that FATF imposed on Iran to ratify anti-money laundering directives, now the big question is how will Iran act on that? Spokesperson of the Government of Iran, Eshaq Jahangiri, announced that the head of powers has already approved the FATF related amendments and it shall be implemented soon. However, the […]

16Oct 2019

Market News – A comparison between Iran’s parallel investment markets shows that Iran capital market performed handsomely during the first half of 1398 (2019/20). With FX and gold markets freezing status, Iranian equities stamped a performance of 82.5%. Tickers of the agriculture industry have rewarded their shareholders the most by an astonishing 397% performance. A general picture of highly […]