Iran Flag
10Jul 2019

Market News – 60 days after Iran’s deadline on breaching some of its commitments under JCPoA, the country is now officially enriching uranium beyond 3.67% as a warning that if its benefits under the nuke deal are not met, there will be no interest for Iran to stay committed to the agreement. Just days after Iran’s declaration of […]

15May 2019

Market News – In the anniversary of US withdrawal from JCPoA, Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, announced that Iran is halting some of its commitments under the 26th and 36th clauses of nuke deal. Stressing that Iran has no intentions to abandon the agreement, the Iranian president reached other involved parties pragmatic actions against the US tumblings. World […]

22Apr 2019

Market News – Unconfirmed sources at Washington post announced that president Trump of the US is to end Iran Oil sanctions waivers for good from May 02, 2019 and no longer grant exemptions to any countries despite their oil imports needs. KSA and UAE are in charge of compensation of the supply-side in the oil […]

09Apr 2019

Market News – Reuters have that Indian oil refineries are now putting a halt on any Iran oil purchases for at least a month waiting to get the green light from the US on an extended sanctions waiver. As the deadline of US exemptions for 8 countries on their Iran oil purchases closing in, now the second […]

03Mar 2019

Market News – Iranian parliament votes for rationing of essential goods in the new year coming as sanctions pressures hit new levels. After failing of preferred FX dedication policy on controlling the price levels, now senators obliged the administration to go back 30 years and re-establish the rationing schemes for scarce and essential needs of Iran economy. […]

23Feb 2019

Market News – In its latest meeting held last Thursday, the Financial Action Task Force decided to grant Iran another grace period of 4 months to amend its financial structure with regards to the committee global standards and join CFT convention. Stressing that this would be the last chance for Iran, the council praised Iran’s actions so […]

19Feb 2019

Market News – Unconfirmed sources have that it is highly possible for FATF to leave Iran another 4 months joining the CFT convention and implement anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing amendments accordingly. The task force meeting held just the other day was apparently positive on Iran actions that are taken so far, however, they have serious warnings this time on […]

17Feb 2019

Market News – After the previous shortlist announced by the US exempting 8 countries from sanctions on Iran Oil Exports, now experts believe that this figure could be reduced for the next time as the closing date approaches. Speculations have that only 4 nations including China, India, Turkey and South Korea may be exempted from buying Iranian oil as […]

13Feb 2019

Market News – After the ratification of the first official regulatory framework for crypto-currencies by the Central Bank of Iran, now Iran Fara Bourse is ready to perform the first asset-backed ITO (initial token offering) in a regulatory sandbox which redeems any need for a change in rules of law. Asset-backed ICOs will be under the supervision of SEO since it […]

10Feb 2019

Market News – Iranian parliament’s research centre proposed a plan to tax banking deposits interest income for the coming year. According to the proposed plan, a 25% income tax shall be imposed on the Iranian Banks interest payments to depositor which is expected to make a revenue line of minimum IRR 100,000 bn (USD 833.33 mn […]